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The biggest risk an entrepreneur faces is building something the world does not need. Rev helps entrepreneurs and businesses pursue high-impact ideas through sequential startup “recipes” and our founder advisor community.

Rev Starts Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Rev is an online accelerator as a service

Mobile Startup Modules

Our mobile-friendly experience makes it easy to consume and progress through the Rev curriculum anytime, and anywhere.

Founder and Innovator Community

Gain access to a peer-group of motivated entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators who are looking to help and be helped.

Tailored To Your Industry

The Rev curriculum can be customized for any industry, in order to help entrepreneurs kickstart their market research and industry knowledge.

Trends Identification

An excellent understanding of the market landscape makes it possible for you to plant your startup in soil primed for growth.

Problem Validation

Rev guides you through a rapid process of customer discovery to prove that you have a problem worth fighting for.

Sales Acceleration

It takes hustle to get your first customers; Rev’s sequential framework makes it possible to sell the future that your startup promises.

Our Partners


Rev For Companies

Hackathons, accelerators, EIR programs, and innovation labs underscore a global movement: businesses of all sizes view entrepreneurship as the essential ingredient for long-term competitiveness and success. Our white-label, mobile startup modules and founder community make it possible for any business across the world to empower entrepreneurs continuously.


Rev For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is hard and there are common roadblocks that stop founders in their tracks. The worst case scenario for an entrepreneur is building something that no one needs. The Rev platform will guide you through repeatable frameworks, called “Recipes”, to help you shape your idea into a meaningful startup opportunity. This means:

  • Less time and money lost on the wrong ideas
  • Faster iteration and a higher volume of idea “at-bats”
  • More focused time invested in your high potential, high impact idea

About Us


Our Mission

The world is investing in innovation at a greater scale than ever before. We asked ourselves: “How can we help continuously support innovation across the world, no matter how big or small?”

  • We’ve spoken to startup founders, hackathon API sponsors, university professors of entrepreneurship, investors, and large enterprises and everyone agrees: It is challenging to get enough people tackling meaningful opportunities, and it is even harder to assist them at scale.
  • There are many potentially world-changing entrepreneurs out there — Rev helps businesses become the catalyst that supports these innovators at scale.

Our Team

Team founded one of the first ever venture-backed bitcoin startups, acquired in 2018.

  • Started Bitcoin company in 2013, sold it in 2018.
  • Won 10+ innovation and technology awards.
  • Went through Boost VC and AngelPad’s startup accelerators.

Alexandra Jones

Startup Portfolio, Community Leader

Alex previously co-founded BitWall, one of the first venture backed Bitcoin startups. She led front-end development and design until BitWall’s acquisition in 2018. Since then, Alex has co-founded a marketing agency and driven design, strategy, and web development for many small businesses and start ups alike. She consults for several international brands, leading design sprints, product strategy, and overall product innovation for her clients. Alex is a graduate from Pepperdine University.


Nic Meliones


Previously, Nic co-founded and was CEO of BitWall for nearly 5 years until its acquisition in 2018. BitWall was one of the first venture-backed bitcoin startups and was backed by the likes of Boost VC, Tim Draper, AngelPad, and a variety of angels via an AngelList syndicate. Nic advises and mentors early stage B2B startups and CEOs in blockchain, healthcare, workplace collaboration, and health and wellbeing. He is also a CEO Mentor for startups in the Alchemist, the top ranked B2B startup accelerator. Nic is a graduate from Duke University.


Kwaku Farkye


Kwaku has been a co-founder and first hired engineer for several startups, including StrengthPortal, BitWall, /dev/color, and Rimeto. His expertise is in software and product strategy, having designed and developed successful B2C and B2B products and services in health and fitness, blockchain, community networking, and enterprise technology. Also, Kwaku is a career coach and mentor. His guidance has helped peers land jobs at many companies and startups. Kwaku is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.


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